Sunday, January 2, 2011

HCG Diet

Started the new diet on 12-31-10 by gorging on food all day. Gained 1.5 pounds that day and did the same on New Years Day but only gained one pound. I don't know that I could load for another day. I felt so tired and lethargic by eating all the crap.
Today, 1-2-11 I had coffee for breakfast and for lunch I had 2 cups of cucumber, 3.5 ounces of chicken, a slice of Melba toast and an apple. I feel way more satisfied that I though I would. I have also drank almost two liters of water which is unheard or for me.
My first weigh in I tipped the scales at 275. Heavier that I have ever been in my life. After two days of loading I weighted 277.5! Wow! I cannot wait to lose the first 35 pounds. I know how much better I'll feel. My lower back hurts so much even to go for a short walk with the puppies.
George and Kathy joined us here at Sunland for the New Years weekend and just left. I think George was a little restless. Pretty tough for that guy to relax and do nothing. The rest of us had no problem doing nothing.
I want to go to Hawaii and not feel like the fat guy on the boat and have more energy to the things we like to do.
I'm signing off for now to finish the laundry and get ready for the drive to the west side.
Even though it hasn't gotten about 20 degrees this weekend the sun is so beautiful I can't believe it. Well time to his the road. The sun just dropped behind the cliffs across the river and Pooka's ACE should be taking effect soon. Later people.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well I finally figured out, due to ignorance, what the problem was with not being able to post pictures, disable the fucking popup blocker! What a fucking moron! Live and learn, enough babbling and onto some pics. I'll start with the first dive with a camera and a few nudibranch pics from Z's reef at the north end of Fox Island. Great dive with Keith Gamble for a dive buddy. I only took a couple of pics on the Mile Marker 8 dive and I'll post the bridge pic that I thought was cool, waterspots and all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Finally get to start on this blog. I've been waiting to start a post until I had some pictures to post also. First dive with a camera was last Saturday the 28th. Dove off of the Mark V out of Porthole Charters. First cabin boat with a great crew. I was pretty flattered that Keith Gamble called and asked me to be his dive buddy for the day. Our first dive was Z's reef at the north end of Fox Island. First one in the water and last one out. One hour and seven minutes of bottom time and I got some great shots to boot! Only now this blog won't let me post any photos.

I'll try again tomorrow. I was just super excited to take pictures and have them come out.

Second dive was Mile Marker 8, also known as the Narrows. Thirteen divers on the boat and only seven chose to go into the water. Again, who do you think was first. Four knot current and Keith and I got separated with in five minutes. Skipper brought us back together and we made another run of it. Wow! Thirty nine minutes of flying past rocks and concrete. Forget the camera, there was no time to think about that until we were on our safety stop and had time. Got a couple of pics of the bridge and a couple of an anemone or two.